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Build web apps in Go. Fast.

🚀 Fullstack Toolkit
Copper provides a toolkit complete with everything you need to build web apps quickly.
📦 One Binary
Build frontend apps along with your backend and ship everything in a single binary.
🔨 Frontend Tooling
Comes with frontend tooling built-in for vanilla JS, React, Vue and other frameworks.
📝 Server-side HTML
Copper includes utilities that help build web apps with server rendered HTML pages.
💡 Auto Restarts
Copper detects changes and automatically restarts server to save time.
🏗 Scaffolding
Skip boilerplate and scaffold code for your packages, database queries and routes.
🔋 Batteries Included
Includes CLI, lint, dev server, frontend tooling, config management, and more!
🔩 First-party packages
Includes packages for authentication, pub/sub, queues, emails, and websockets.

MIT Licensed | Copyright © 2022 Tushar Soni